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Why do you choose WonderMail?

Whenever you do small or big email marketing campaigns,
you get unlimited support by our email marketing Gurus

Fully Responsive

Your Email campaigns will look great on both desktop and mobile. Create your campaign and see the look on mobile while you build it

Easy to customize

Create your own Email campaign with just few clicks away with our template builder. Choose your layout, add a logo and choose colors to match your brand.


Relevant code and clean design. Get inline CSS optimized for Gmail and Outlook. Import your own code and update in the browser

Wonderful reports

Measure your campaign and performance in real-time. Get social insights and manage your growth. Push your Email marketing to the highest level

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Customize your Email campaign and reach more contacts

  • Dynamic content segmentation & targeting
    Target a special segment of your list with a special message to gain more attraction. Set conditions and push personalized deals

  • Dedicated team on each Email campaign
    At any stage of your email marketing strategy, we support you,
    Just ask!

  • Grow your Email contact with special forms provided by our team
    Add more contacts from Facebook, your Ipad, your website, your CRM directly into your account

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Email Marketing is the best way to maintain customer relationship.
Wondermail is a great and flexible Email platform

François HUYNH | CEO AD Avenue

Check Wondermail's tiny prices

Start small and grow your Email Marketing list.

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Pay as you Go

  • Free setup

  • €0,010/contact

  • Spam/Design Test

  • Auto-responder, Collecting Forms

  • Unlimited support

  • Unlimited contacts

Basic Plan

Monthly plan starting at

  • Free setup, Unlimited support

  • 0 - 500 contacts - 9€
    2,500 emails

  • 501 - 2 500 contacts - 29€
    12,500 emails

  • 2 501 - 5 000 contacts - 39€
    25,000 emails

  • 5 001 - 10 000 contacts - 69€
    50,000 emails

  • 10 001 - 15 000 contacts - 99€
    75,000 emails

Professionnal Plan

Send Unlimited emails

  • Free setup, Unlimited support,
    1 Landing page

  • 0 - 500 contacts - 25€
    Unlimited emails

  • 501 - 2 500 contacts - 45€
    Unlimited emails

  • 2 501 - 5 000 contacts - 75€
    Unlimited emails

  • 5001 - 10 000 contacts - 115€
    Unlimited emails

  • 10 001 - 15 000 contacts - 185€
    Unlimited emails

Wonderful World

You get the team work for you

  • Free setup

  • Unlimited support

  • Unlimited design

  • Unlimited campaign

  • Unlimited design

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Unlimited emails

  • Unlimited Landing page*


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